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Husqvarna Nuda|Terra 685 Husqvarna Nuda Radiator Guard, Black anodized Husqvarna Nuda 900 Protects the radiator from stones being thrown up from the ground. 411-5015 Frame Plugs (Pair) Husqvarna Nuda 900(R) Made of anodised aluminium, these refined covers replace the simple plastic caps on the Nuda . You can rely on them to protect against dirt and look just great! gold (X=0), red (X=1), black (X=2), titanium (X=3) 411-519X Crash Bung Set for Rear+Front Axle Husqvarna Nuda 900, Nuda 900R Our crash bungs take the terror out of minor slides or the bike falling off its stand as they effectively protect the brake discs, fork legs, brake callipers, rear sprocket and swingarm. Crash bungs are available for the front and rear axles to offer com- plete protection. Crash bung set rear front gold 411-5221 411-5225 red 411-5222 411-5226 black 411-5223 411-5227 titanium 411-5224 411-5228 Tank Bag Husqvarna Nuda 900(R) Features include the small map compartment, detacha- ble credit card compartment, document compartment in the lid, and a side pocket. Volume: approx. 4/7 litres 055-1195 Add-on Bag „Black Edition“ Capacity: approx. 11 litres 055-1467 gold 411-5221411-5225 red 411-5222411-5226 black 411-5223411-5227 titanium 411-5224411-5228

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