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672 Gear Lever Honda Transalp XL 600/650 Considerably stronger, stylish, folding aluminium gear lever. Ideal for bigger feet. 041-0707 -2006 Crash Bar Honda Transalp XL 650 V The fairing and tank are at risk on all motorbikes, and this is an area where the Transalp needs extra special protection. We have designed and produced crash bars specifi- cally for the mid-class enduro in order to provide it with the best possible protection. Thus both the tank and the fairing are very well protected against serious damage, whilst the guard follows the lines of the Transalp and integrates beautifully in its overall appearance. This robust guard minimises the risk of expensive repairs. Ideally positioned, and of true benefit to the Transalp. 051-0522 Radiator Guard Honda Transalp 650 | 2000 > Effective protection for the water radiator Two anodised aluminium grills are screwed in front of the radiator using the original screws. 040-2400

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