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Transalp XL700V 667 Water protected Tank Bag Honda Honda Transalp XL700V This beautifully shaped, extremely strong tank bag has been developed specifically for your Honda Transalp. This has enabled us to achieve the perfect shape and fit. It also has a zip so you can easily increase the volume to ist full 22 litres. The tank bag is easy to fit, and quickly and easily removed. With the eyelets and enclosed straps, it can also be used as a rucksack. A detachable map bag is also included, of course. Made of Teflon-coated CORDURA which is both water-repellent and dirt-resistant. Made in Germany by KAHEDO. Colours: black, with sewn in, reinforced reflective strips/cords. Dimensions: 35 x 26 x 18/25 cm Capacity: approx. 16/22 litres 055-2601 Splash Guard Honda Transalp XL700V This splash guard - which is suitable for off-road - is also available for the Transalp XL700V! It is more effective than the serial part, and the design has already proved itself on numerous journeys. 520-0102 Luggage Rack Aluminium Honda Transalp XL700V Thanks to the many slits and recesses on the luggage rack aluminium, luggage of almost any shape and size can be safely attached to your bike. The wide shape means that even large items can be secured easily and without difficulty. The luggage rack alumi- nium is light and yet extremely strong. It comes with all of the attachment materials that are required, including the special spacers. 520-0124

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