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Transalp XL700V 665 Crash Bar for Honda Transalp XL700V Use these crashbars and even major falls will no longer be a horrifying experience. The plastic-coated steel tube is integrated perfectly in the design of the motorbike, and will cope even with the toughest conditions. An intended bending point will protect the frame and screw attachments against damage. The slender design also offers lots of advantages when riding off-road. The two-piece roll bar is easy to fit. All attachment materials included. 520-0200 Crash Bar Extension for Honda Transalp XL700V Two additional bars are easily and simply screwed to the crash bar for the engine (520-0200). This measure significantly extends its protective function. Now the fairing and radiator of the Transalp in particular are well protected. Putting an end to expensive repairs or even breakdowns caused by radiator problems. 520-0220 Engine Guard Large Honda Transalp XL700V We have replaced the less than stable plastic cover with a genuine engine guard. It is made of a combination of 4 mm riveted aluminium panels, and can be fitted in conjunction with our crash bar (520-0200). The decoupled attachment reduces re- sonance, and will absorb part of the impact energy in the event of contact with the ground. - Cannot be combined with engine guard panel (520-0190). 520-0192 Engine Guard Panel Honda Transalp XL700V A very strong 3 mm aluminium panel is fitted bet- ween the fairings of the frame trusses for optimum protection of the oil reservoir. The engine guard panel is attached in three places, and offers excellent protection against stones and scree. This panel is easy to attach with the two crash bars (520-0200 and 520-0220). 520-0190

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