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660 Repositioning Adapter for the Original Windscreen Honda Transalp XL700V This adapter is used to adjust the height and tilt of the original windscreen on the Transalp. Using the two knurled screws on each side, the screen height can be adjusted continuously by a maximum of 6 cm. The fairing screen can be adjusted individually to suit the rider‘s height or seating position. Often better than using a higher screen! The repositioning adapter is made of stainless steel, which means it will cope well with rain and other weather influences. 520-0120 On-Board Power Socket Honda Transalp XL700V This on-board power socket comes with a complete set of cables. The stainless steel bracket for the socket is fitted to the top fork brace, together with the brake line guide. The socket is quickly and easily connected directly to the battery with the cable set. 520-0130 Handlebar Risers TYP 7 25 mm Distance between hole centres 32 mm, handlebars rise by 25 mm - For an upright and relaxed riding position - Less strain on shoulders and wrists - For sport bikes: Better standing, less exhaustive riding - Better handling - Black plastic coating - German TÜV Type Approval 040-0265 black 040-0267 Alu polished Mirror Extension for Honda Transalp XL700V The mirror extension puts the mirror in a much better position. This improves the rider‘s field of vision. This discreet component increases safety and is almost unnoticeable. Parts supplied: left and right side. 040-0649 Handlebar Risers TYP 725 mm

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