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064 Cover for Rear Silencer Mount BMW K 1200 / 1300 GT Small is beautiful! Milled from a single piece, our cover for the rear silencer mount adds a little sparkle to a component that’s important but not exactly attractive. 611-1050 Side stand extension, BMW K 12/1300 GT The sporty size of the side stand support surface is a frequent source of trouble: within moments, the side stand sinks down in the sun-heated asphalt, and your bike hits the hard ground. Our extension for the side stand support surface is the perfect remedy because it significantly increa- ses the size of the support surface. And thanks to our designer the looks have turned out very nicely, too: with its sporty, technical appeal it is a real eye catcher. Milled from a single piece! 611-0104 Drive shaft crash bungs K1200/1300GT A small item that can make a big difference! Our crash bung protects the drive shaft against expensive damage in the event of a fall. Thanks to its solid construction, the crash bung absorbs the forces and reliably protects the drive shaft tunnel against damage caused by contact with the road surface. 611-0400

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