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Honda VFR 1200 X 627 Touratech Suspension *rear* shock ab- sorber for Honda VFR 1200 X Crosstourer from 2012 type *Level 2* The Level 2 shock absorber for the Honda VFR 1200 X Crosstourer is the right choice for long distance riding and touring use. This type of shock absorber offers a large adjustment range with plenty of reserves to meet the demands of motorbike travel. Its floating piston design, hydraulic preload and fine damping adjustment enable a more suitable suspen- sion setup for different loading conditions than is possible with the bike manufacturer’s standard components. You can easily and quickly restore the bike’s balance via a hand wheel that adjusts the hydraulic spring preload. The damping setting on this Level 2 shock allows the necessary degree of control over the bump and rebound to adjust the shock absorber to suit your individual ride comfort requirements. This shock absorber is configured and adjusted ready for use based on our experience with the Honda VFR 1200 X Crosstourer. 406-5880 Progressive fork springs for Honda VFR1200X Crosstourer *from 2012* These progressive fork springs are perfectly matched to the fork on the Honda VFR1200X Crosstourer. They make the fork better suited to the demands of motorcycle touring. You will also experience a significantly im- proved response and greater reserves in extreme situations. The fork springs are made in Europe by Dutch suspension specialists Hyperpro. 406-5838 Hyperpro progressive replacement springs for fork and shock absorber, Honda VFR1200X Crosstourer *from 2012* 406-5839

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