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620 90,6 cm ZEGA Pro pannier system, 31 litres, Honda CBF1000 / CBF1000F, 2010 onwards The robust stainless steel pannier rack is mounted as close as possible to the rear frame and is fastened by means of the existing attachment points. We can use two panniers of the same size due to the slim construction of the rack. This system has proven that it is perfectly suitable for touring after completing many miles of test journeys. Supplied with: 1 pannier rack with attachment materials 2 ZEGA PRO AND panniers, 31 litres ZEGA Pro pannier system, 31 litres, AND-S 618-0050 (CBF1000F) 618-0051 (CBF1000) ZEGA Pro Topcase rack / Luggage rack The special carrier for our ZEGA ProTopcases. Made entirely of stainless steel and specifically designed for the CBF´s attachment points, the Topcase rack is the perfect way to attach ZEGA Pro Topcases to your bike. The Topcase rack can be used on its own or in conjunction with our pannier system and also serves as a luggage rack. 618-0020 You will find the available Topcases on page 1048. Stainless steel pannier rack, Honda CBF1000F from 2010 The pannier rack is made from robust 18mm stain- less steel and is electropolished. It is attached using the existing attachment points. The robust const- ruction is located as close as possible to the rear frame and can be used with the original silencers or aftermarket silencers. This does not affect the ability to carry a pillion passenger. 618-0040 ZEGA Pro pannier system, 31 litres, AND-black 618-0045 (CBF1000F) 618-0052 (CBF1000)

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