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618 Side stand support surface extension Honda CBF1000F, 2010 onwards The supporting surface of the Honda‘s side stand is seriously under-dimensioned given the the mass of the bike. Even a quick break for coffee can be long enough for the stand to disappear in asphalt that has been softened by the midday sun. The result: expensive damage to the paintwork. Our side stand surface extension increases the supporting surface by almost 300%. It will keep your bike well supported even if the ground isn‘t too reliable. And almost as an aside, our designer has created a work of art that elegantly emphasises the sportiness of the bike. Milled from a single piece with a stainless steel holder. 618-0011 ABS sensor protection, front and rear Honda CBF1000F / CBF1000, 2010 onwards By nature of its design, a motorbike has some important components that are at risk of damage. This is the case with the ABS sensor on the CBF. Grit or small stones can easily destroy these important sensors or stop them working properly. Our ABS sensor protection kit protects the sensitive front sensor from any flying stone chips or other nasties. 618-0001 front 618-0030 rear (only CBF1000F) Numberplate splash guard Honda CBF1000F / CBF1000 Like all on-road motorbikes, the CBF tends to spray a large, and above all high, column of water behind it. Usually, some of this water splashes on the backs of the rider and pillion, as well as the rear of the bike. This is unpleasant and annoying. Our elegant splash guard, which is easy to fit between the numberplate and its holding bracket, deflects the water and keeps most of it off the rider and the bike. A small, unobtrusive item that makes a big difference! 618-0002

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