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BMW K1200/1300GT 061 Kaoko Cruise Control, mechanical cruise control, for BMW K1200/1300GT The Kaoko Cruise control replaces the original handlebar end weight. The anti-slip knurled screw secures the accelerator in position. This significantly reduces the strain on the right hand during long journeys. 330-0001 Handlebar end weights for BMW K1200/1300GT Milled from a single piece, the handlebar end weights look fabulous. They also help to save a little weight without impairing the function of the end weights. Handlebar vibrations are noticeably reduced. 611-0108 Clutch/Brake fluid reservoir cover, BMW K 1200 GT Bring design and life to the darker recesses of the handlebar. Our designer has created an understated yet sporty lid for the liquid containers on the handlebar. Milled from a single piece with a high quality anodised finish, these lids visibly enhance the entire unit. Simply good-looking. 611-0107 clutch 611-0106 brake

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