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602 Comfort seat for Ducati Multistrada The best all-rounder 2012 deserves to have the best seat! 40,000 readers of Motorrad magazine must have their reasons for voting the Multistrada the “2012 All-Rounder of the Year“! With the Ducati Multistrada anything is possible, but its seat could definite- ly be improved and will likely prevent you experiencing the bike‘s full capabilities. To enable longer journeys without seating discomfort, leg pains and cramps caused by a bad sitting position, we have developed our anatomically shaped seats with high-strength foam and non-slip, sweat-resistant cover material. They are available in three different heights for the rider and one size for the pillion seat. Now the Multistrada can show you what it‘s made of! 620-5900 *low* 620-5901 *standard* 620-5902 *high* 620-5907 *pillion* Seat *Breathable* The breathable seat offers tremendous advantages over the standard one, especially at high tempera- tures. It enables the air to circulate inside the seat, which efficiently eliminates perspiration in the seat area. This in turn helps to prevent the underclothing from sticking and wrinkling. Comfort seat breathable 620-5904 *standard* 620-5905 *high* 620-5910 *pillion*

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