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060 AC Schnitzer lever, adjustable, titanium colour, for BMW K 1200/1300 GT A masterpiece in form and function! Lever adjustable in 6 positions, made of a high-strength aluminium alloy with a predetermined breaking point. Provides an excellent grip with a perfect design and appealing finish. 610-0400 brake (K1300GT) 610-0401 clutch (K1300GT) Clutch and brake lever set, adjustable, road legal These new adjustable AC Schnitzer brake and clutch levers are identical in design. As a result, they can be used for the brake or the clutch. Or swapped over in an emergency. Each lever has two end pieces of different lengths, allowing the lever length to be adjusted individually. The end pieces are made from high-strength plastic and also provide a predetermined breaking point. The innovative adjustment wheel allows continuous and extremely precise adjustment of the distance between the lever and handlebar. Now you can enjoy fatigue-free riding and easily compensate for brake wear on tough ride! 610-0408

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