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582 IN THE EU - (GERM A N Y) Tank Bag G 650 X Challenge The tank bag G 650 X Challenge was developed especially for the BMW. Its standard capacity of about 12 litres can be expanded to about 18 litres quickly and easily. An additional pocket at the back provides enough room for storing a purse or documents. There is a small pocket on the left for a multi- tool or similar items. The rubber strap on one side can be used to fix rain trousers or gloves. The A4 map pocket is fixed to the top of the tank bag with velcro. Removing the tank bag from the motorcycle is very simple and a matter of seconds. Fitting the tank bag is easy with the two buckles at the front and straps at the back. A strong carrying handle and two straps for converting the tank bag into a rucksack are also included. Colours: black, grey with sewn in, reinforced reflective strips/cords. Dimensions: (l x w x h) 29 x 24 x 17/25 cm Capacity: approx. 12/18 litres 055-1151 (Challenge / Moto) 055-1159 (Country) Small Luggage Rack BMW G 650 Xchallenge You want to travel lean and mean off-road, but still take a little light luggage? No problem with our luggage rack. We have developed a small and refined luggage rack for the new Xchal- lenge, which is also light and sturdy. Which is just how it should be. This visual delicacy fits into the Xchallenge design perfectly. - From 4 mm aluminium - Anodized aluminium, unpolished 049-0105

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