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BMW G650X 581 Mudguard Extension BMW G 650 Xchallenge For even more off-road fun! The mud-guard extension accentuates the sporty, dynamic design of the Xchallenge. Alongside the eye-catching shape, the practical uses are not to be frowned upon: It markedly improves protection against dirt and rain water. A real benefit during fast trail journeys, especially in the rain. The remarkable ease of mounting rounds off this amazing package. 049-0155 Adjustable Gear Lever G 650 X Challenge/Country/Moto The adjustable gear lever is used to its best advantage with the adjustable foot rest or simply if the position of the original gear lever is not suitable.With this gear lever too the front lever has a spring to enable it to fold thus reducing damage should you fall off.In addition, the forces acting on the gear lever will be transferred less strongly to the selector shaft. Should the folding gear lever get a little bent out of shape it can be straightened again very easily. 049-0127 Tail Rack Bag BMW G650X This practical tail pannier for the BMW G650X has a capacity of 6 litres. Tailor-made, it fits precisely on our large tail rack (p. 550). The pannier has a foam rubber base and robust side panels. It is fastened to the aluminium plate using strong straps. With a zip fastener, you can increase the volume of 4 litres to approx. 8 litres. Size: approx. 22 x 26 x 12 / 20 cm Volume: approx. 4/8 litres 055-1297 Large Luggage Rack G650 Xchallenge - Support surface from 4 mm aluminium - Rugged steel tube construction, black powder coated - Anodized aluminium, unpolished 049-0104

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