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580 Foot Brake Lever Extensionl BMW G 650 X Firm, safe pressure on the foot brake lever whether on or off road is vital for optimum braking. Somewhat narrow as standard, our extension offers you an optimum support surface and reliable pressure on the brake at any time. 049-0323 Footpeg System BMW G 650 X Right + Left Rear Footpegs The wider foot base also allows longer distances to be covered comfortably while standing on the footpegs. Furthermore, they also have new footpeg brackets. These are made like the footpegs themselves of high-quality stainless steel. By contrast with the original cast brackets, these effectively prevent the footpegs breaking off in the event of falling. 049-0351 Chain Guide, BMW G 650 X (Challenge + Country) It looks like a chain guide but it does not capture the chain on all sides and guide it onto the sprocket. A chain guide is also very important for long- distance travels where it may be required to use a very worn chain beyond normal service limits. 049-0380 Spray Guard Sport G 650 Xchallenge Sporty replacement for the standard number plate mounting with crisper lines. Ideal for sports and competition use. Upgradeable with our LED flashers 044-0393 (page 187). Equipped with the Sport spray guard and fitted number plate, you are perfectly street-legal. 049-0150

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