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578 049-0116 049-0118 Hyperpro Progressive Replacement Fork Springs, BMW G650 XChallenge A replacement for the original fork springs from Hyperpro, the Dutch specialist for suspension products. The progressive springs have been designed to match the G650XC perfectly,and offer a tremendous improvement in response and greater safety in extreme situations. Delivery includes detailed installation instructions, the correct fork oil and a paste to improve the slippage of the dip tubes. 040-7403 BMW G 650 X Neopren Fork Protector The new Neopren Fork Protectors effectively protect the stanchions of the USD fork from mud, dirt and stones. The fork sealing rings are also protected and thus have a longer service life. 044-2100 BMW G 650 X Neopren Fork Protector with Velcro Strap Neither fork disassembly nor tools are necessary for installation. The Fork Protectors are simply wound around the stanchions and the Velcro strap closed. The ends are then attached by cable ties to the sliding tube. 044-2102 Aluminium Exhaust Heat Shield BMW G 650 X Challenge/Country/Moto The heat shield is made from anodized aluminium. This means it is lighter the BMW original, while retaining its robustness. It fits slickly into the overall appearance of the G 650 X. Not only does it provide heat protection, it also provides protection of endangered points of the exhaust system against thrown up stones or when a crash occurs. And the manifold shield also protects the lambda probe. - Simple, uncomplicated replacement of the origi nal shield - Uses the original screws Shield, manifold centre 049-0116 Shield, rear muffler 049-0118

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