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576 20 mm Handlebar Riser BMW G 650 X Challenge/Moto/Country We have developed a handlebar riser for the Xchallenge, which you will find quite easy to fit. It provides a more upright and relaxed seating position. This reduces tension in the shoulders and wrists. And the handlebar riser is also helpful when racing, because the more upright standing position means both your endurance and concentration are improved. Also, bike control is improved. - Height increase approx. 20 mm - includes extra long screws - from anodized aluminium 049-0109 (not for abs) GPS Bracket Adapter G 650 X Challenge/Moto/Country Fits to the handlebar clamping support 049-0111 Long-Distance Travel Tank Conversion for the BMW G 650 Xchallenge With the auxiliary tank developed by TT3D, you can almost triple the range of your G 650 X. Touratech has managed to produce an extra 16 litres of fuel capacity. Once your G650X is fitted with this auxiliary tank, with ist unlimited off-road capability, you’ll have 25 litres of petrol on board and be able to cover distances up to 550 km (350 miles) on the BMW without even smelling a petrol station. A German TÜV type approval is Included. 049-0130 Stainless Steel Headlight Protector, Black, with Quick Release Fastener Even the biggest stones won’t be able to damage your headlight with this headlight protector! New durable stainless steel model now available with quick release fastener. Now you can clip on the headlight protector and detach it again as needed. It comes with everything you need to fit it. This headlight protector has been developed for offroad use and is not approved for street use. 049-5095

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