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BMW F650GS / G650GS 573 ZEGA PRO2 stainless Steel ZEGA Pro2 31 litres 300-6000 ZEGA Pro2 AND-S 31 litres 300-6001 ZEGA Pro2 AND-Black 31 litres 300-6002 ZEGA Pro2 38 litres 300-6010 ZEGA Pro2 AND-S 38 litres 300-6011 ZEGA Pro2 AND-Black 38 litres 300-6012 ZEGA Pro2 45 litres 300-6020 ZEGA Pro2 AND-S 45 litres 300-6021 ZEGA Pro2 AND-Black 45 litres 300-6022 Zega Pro2 Aluminium Pannier System with stainless steel rack for BMW G 650 GS/ Sertao / F 650 GS/Dakar The next step in evolution After Zega and Zega Pro, we have now developed the Zega Pro2. Based on the Zega Pro, its excellent properties have all been retained, but many details have also been significantly improved. The Zega Pro2 shines with its improved profile for even better operation, a carrying handle as standard and optimised ventilation. Above all, though, the pre-assembled version is an absolute revoluti- on! It is factory-fitted with an entirely new attachment system that combines suitability with maximum ease of use, facilitating single-handed use - you could say it‘s „Plug and play“ for fully packed aluminium panniers!

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