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566 TT37 - G650GS TT39 - F650GS Tank Conversion Kit BMW F 650 GS/Dakar / G 650 GS/Sertao Unfortunately, it is not an easy job to increase the volume of the tank and extend the range of the BMW F / G 650 GS. We decided to increase the total volume to 39 / 37 litres using the tried and tested rallye side tanks. This conversion kits turns the F 650 GS and the new G 650 GS into true touring bikes suitable for long-distance trips. A similar idea which keeps the basic structure of the bike unchanged, with useful additions, you will hardly find anywhere else. The original tank is retained and must be retrofitted with some special parts (i.e. fuel supply connection kit). The fuel pump is retained. All parts are designed to fit. The tanks come from elkamet and are made out of Polyamide 6 which is virtually indestructible. The tanks and all other mounting and fairing components can be painted by any paint shop in the colour of your choice. The kit comes supplied with all parts and certificates needed for registration. Kit contents: - Tank left + right (11litres each) - Tank holder left + right - Tank cover (joining piece between left and right tank) - Adapter parts (between tanks and fairing) - Petcocks, hoses and tank cap - Seat - Screws and miscellaneous parts Beginning with the 2004 model, you need the front mudguard and the tank emblem from the 2003 model! 100-1100 F 650 GS/Dakar (TT 39) 300-5600 G 650 GS/Sertao (TT 37)

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