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BMW F650GS / G650GS 561 Brake Stop BMW F 650 GS/Dakar / G 650 GS/Sertao The brake stop (welded to the chassis) on your F 650 GS / G 650 GS can break off, even in a minor fall. Our additional stop avoids this effectively and you can also adjust your foot brake pedal. 300-0125 Locking Oil Filler Cap BMW F 650 GS/Dakar (from 2000 onw.) BMW G 650 GS/Sertao Ingeniousandhighquality-fantasticprotectionagainst foreign bodies in the oil circuit of your F / G 650 GS. Stolenoilfillercapsareathingofthepast.Nospecialtool required:easytooperateusingasmallunobtrusivekey. - High-quality workmanship - High-quality brand lock - Can be keyed to match our integral pannier locks 300-0225 Oil Filler Cap with Hexagonal Screw BMW F 650 GS/Dakar BMW G 650 GS/Sertao Valuable tamper protection for your F 650 GS / G 650 GS oil filler that requires an unusual 7mm hexagonal allen wrench for access. The perfectly machined cap is anodised aluminium of course, a 7mm Allen key is included and can be attached to your key ring. 300-0210 Oil Filler Cap for Torx 45 BMW F 650 GS (from 2000 onw.) BMW G 650 GS / Sertao Ingenious and high quality - fantastic protection against foreign bodies in the oil circuit of your F / G 650 GS. Made of aluminium, CNC turned (ano- dised) and with integral TORX to open it. The cap is simply used instead of the original plastic part and can then only be opened with a TORX 45 key. Thus it is difficult just to remove it but all the same a quick maintenance unit is no problem. 300-0200

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