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BMW F650GS / G650GS 553 Fork Guard BMW F 650 GS/Dakar / G 650 GS/Sertao Specially developed for the 650GS models and with the help of a dear customer, a fork guard for the front wheel forks. The guards are fitted on the top to the side of the fender cover with special clamps. The fork protectors are then held in position by guides that are also fitted to the lower cross stabiliser. If low mudguards are used these may have to be cut into a somewhat here. But this isn’t really a problem, especially with Touratech mudguards. But the decisiveadvantage of these fork guards is that unlike traditional rubber gaiter fork guards, these guards do not block cooling air to the radiators and also the cross section of air for the water cooler is not reduced.Unlike rubber gaiter fork boots, these gu- ards do not block cooling air to the radiators. Mudguard BMW F/G 650GS/Dakar/Sertao Additional mudguard. True protection from mud and water! With the standard version water sprays from the ground in front of the cockpit when it is raining ... covering the rider´s face with mud. This mudguard works very well! This mudguard is very effective when it comes to avoiding a cold and dirty shower. It is lightweight, easy to fit and it is hardly noticeable because of it´s black colour ... it’s perfect! 040-0235 Radiator Guard BMW F/G 650 GS/Dakar/Sertao Effective protection for the radiator. The guard consists of two anodised aluminium grills (for left and right sides of the radiator). 300-0130 The seals and fork legs remain constantly visible, thus a leak or damage can be easily discovered. Mud is not trapped inside. No more hidden problem areas 300-0145 BMW F 650 GS/Dakar / G 650 GS/Sertao

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