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BMW F800 GT/ST/S/R 543 Twin rear light unit, LED, black glazed BMW F 800 GT/ST/R A sports motorbike needs a sporty rear end! Our twin rear light unit with E-certified, black glazed LED units including number plate light combines technical design, sportiness and a touch of aggression. This twin rear light is an eye-catcher and won‘t be easily forgotten by those you overtake! 616-0085 Black bezel for LED twin rear light BMW F 800 GT/ST/R The more elegant, darker alternative to our LED twin rear light. The black bezel replaces the standard gold bezel, making the rear light even sportier! 616-0086 Carbon paint protector for tail section, BMW F 800 GT/ST/S/R A small item that can make a big difference! Our set of carbon protectors (left and right) for the tail section protects the sensitive paint on the tail section from damage that could be caused by the rider or pillion passenger. At the same time, the two small carbon parts also improve the appearance. 616-0152 Crash bungs, BMW F 800 ST Incorporated elegantly into the fairing, the crash bungs perform an important task: in the event of a fall, they absorb the energy and prevent the bike from overturning. This can save you a lot of money, as the damage caused by such an event is significantly reduced. Developed by the specialists at LSL. 612-0300

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