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542 Sprocket guard with aluminium cover BMW F 800 ST/R Functionality and good looks are combined in our sprocket guard. The plastic sprocket guard protects the surrounding components against chain grease splatter. At the same time the opening lets you see the sprocket washer. Bracketed by an anodised aluminium cover it forms an elegant visual highlight. In a choice of silver or gold (both covers are supplied with the product), you can really shine the spotlight of attention on your sprocket guard: silver for elegance, or gold for a more eye-catching, sportier effect. 616-0015 Sport mudguard BMW F 800 GT/R You can‘t get sportier than this! Our sporty front mudguard with the aggressive touch replaces the original plastic part. Its shape and high-quality material immediately give the F 800 R an entirely new yet still elegant appearance. Developed and designed for our scrambler, the sport mudguard also looks fantastic on a „normal“ F 800 R. Supplied with all mounting parts. 616-0105 ABS sensor protection kit, BMW F 800 GT/ST/R * front and rear * By nature of its design, a motorbike has some important components that are at risk of damage. This is the case with the ABS sensors on the F 800. Grit or small stones could destroy these important sensors or stop them working properly. Our ABS sensor protection kit protects the sensitive front and rear sensors from any flying stone chips or other nasties. 616-0025

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