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BMW F800 GT/ST/S/R 541 Replacement foot pegs „Sport“, titanium-coloured BMW F 800 GT/ST/S/R For those who find the original foot pegs on the ST too „tame“, this is the sporty alternative. Anodised in an elegant titanium hue, these foot pegs by LSL are a genuine enhancement. Non-slip thanks to the continuous ribbing and designed to prevent panic at unexpected contact with the road - after all, what could be better than a good lean angle? 610-0404 front 612-0303 rear Replacement „Sport“ foot pegs with adjus- table pivots (street-legal) BMW F 800 ST/S/R These foot pegs feature adjustable CNC-milled joints that allow them to be set in eight different rest positions. The result is both a sporty and comfortable riding posture on the motorcycle that brings a whole new feeling to the ride. Whenever desired, the foot pegs can be quickly and easily adjusted with an Allen wrench within a radius of 25 mm. These foot pegs are made of titanium-coloured aluminium. Their dished-out, recessed shape on the bottom side ensures enough ground clearance even if the bike has been lowered. 611-0405 Pillion foot peg adjustment, BMW F800 ST/R The pillion rider sits quite high on the back of the ST. With the foot pegs in the standard position, the pillion often ends up feeling tense and uncomfortab- le. Long journeys try the patience. Our foot peg adjustments are the solution and put the pillion‘s foot pegs in a much lower position. This relaxes the angle of the knees, and the pillion is more relaxed and more upright. 612-0070

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