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BMW F800 GT/ST/S/R 537 P ART P ART TOU RATECH TOU RATECH NEW Rear conversion kit SCR, BMW F 800 R This rear conversion kit is supplied as a replacement kit in exchange for the original pillion grab handles. The small, black, powder-coated aluminium panel is fine for carrying waterproofs or a first-aid kit, but is not suitable for heavy luggage. The side panels made from black anodised aluminium cover the openings for the hand grips and look amazing with our LED rear light. Fitting this kit means the bike can no longer carry a pillion passenger as there are no hand grips. 616-0140 GS-911 wifi, BMW F 800 GT/ST/S/R The ideal diagnostic tool for workshop and travel! The GS-911 wifi enables performing endless servicing and diagnostic tasks, deleting the error memories and reading out important data from the various control devices, both on the water-cooled BMW R1200GS and all other BMW motorcycles. The testing unit is small and lightweight enough to be taken on all travels without difficulty and is always at the ready in case of breakdowns and error messages even without connection to a 220V mains. All that is required other than the GS-911, is a Windows or Mac PC, or a mobile phone or tablet PC with Android or IOS system to get going! The necessary software or app can be downloaded free of charge and the device can be registered easily via the Internet. The GS-911 can be used en route, at home, or in the workshop. The PC software offers even more options than the app for mobile devices when on the road! The Enthusiast version allows work on ten different motorcycles, and the Professional version offers the same diagnostic and service functions for an unlimited number of vehicles, making it a highly interesting product for workshops as well. Further information on how to use the testing device and a host of tips and instructions are available on the manufacturer’s site: Enthusiast 030-0096 Professional 030-0097

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