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536 Aluminium front spoiler BMW F 800 R Racy sportiness for your 800 R. Our aluminium front spoiler is a bold statement of sportiness. Angular and aggressive, the spoiler hugs the contours of the bike, giving it an extremely sporty appearance. This front spoiler needs no explanation - riders on the road with it want to be up front. As an added benefit, it protects the engine‘s delicate front from stones. 616-0180 Number plate holder BMW F 800 GT/ST/R, complete For a „floating“ number plate. This purist number plate holder is „reduced to the max“, replacing the entire plastic frame. The number plate appears to float on the rear of the F 800 - exactly as it should do on a sports motorbike! Complete with reflector at the bottom, which will please your MoT tester. 616-0060 Cable cover, right, aluminium, BMW F 800 R For covering the cable harness on the pinion. Protects the cables from dirt and keeps them out of sight. 616-0150 Radiator guard, BMW F 800 ST Even a racy road tourer isn‘t safe from damage caused by gravel or fat flies. Our radiator guard safely protects the radiator fins against these risks and enhances the appearance of the radiator front elegantly and unobtrusively. 612-0010

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