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BMW F800 GT/ST/S/R 535 Carbon protectors BMW F 800 GT/ST/S/R alternator cover Our Carbon protectors will make scratched and damaged side lids a thing of the past. Made of light, sturdy carbon-fibre laminate, they are resistant to almost anything. Beautifully shaped protection in elegant material that is easy and straightforward to fit. 048-0338 Swingarm bearing cover, anodised natu- ral/gold aluminium, BMW F 800 R (set) Our milled covers for bearing openings not only close off these ugly openings, but also protect the delicate bearings and bushes against dirt. Set for right and left sides. Not only that, but they also look good and nicely complement the sporty appearance of the F 800 R. Anodised natural aluminium 616-0100 (Set) Anodised gold aluminium 616-0102 (Set) Carbon protector for clutch cover, BMW F 800 GT/ST/S/R Elegant yet effective! Unfortunately, when the F 800 falls, it always falls right on the clutch cover. This can have nasty consequences, or at any rate is certain to leave some unsightly scratches on the cover. This is where our carbon protector comes in, providing an elegant visual enhancement to the black clutch cover. 616-0035 BMW F 800 R engine guard Our developers have come up with a minor masterpiece with the engine guard for the F 800 R. The protective bar made from powder-coated steel blends elegantly with the shape of the 800 cc engine and only becomes apparent after a second look. Nevertheless, it protects the important parts of the engine in the event of an accident or if the bike falls over. A necessity for every F 800 R! 616-0190

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