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532 Anti-glare shield, BMW F 800 R The new anti-glare shield really enhances your F 800R look. It reduces scattered light, especially when fitted together with headlight covers and thus protects you from being dazzled by the lights too. The Touratech anti-glare shield has an extremely positive effect on the appearance of BMW‘s original headlight. It makes the whole headlight look more appealing. 048-0425 LED indicator ARROW, BMW F 800 GT/ST/R The sporty replacement for the originals. The indicators blend elegantly with the shape of the Motorcycle. Delivery includes all parts needed for mounting and a resistor to ensure that normal indicator frequency is maintained. Carries the E-test-mark Consisting of 1 kit (2 in front and 2 behind) 615-1000 Mirror extension for BMW F 800 ST/S The mirror extension puts the mirror in a much better position. This improves the rider‘s field of vision. This discreet component increases safety and is almost unnoticeable. It‘s a must for anyone who wants to see more than just their arms in the mirrors. - also for BMW F 800 S! Parts supplied: left and right side 612-0001

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