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521 on miles and miles of twisting roads with perfect asphalt we do not come across a single car, only steep cliffs and brilliant views as we sweep through the bends. We are fortunate in having our drink rucksacks with us, as cafes and restaurants are rare occasions. The SO-02 follows the Parque Natural Sierras de Tejeda between Otivar and Padul. No crash barri- ers, no railings, and a steep drop of several hundred meters to the left. This spectacular solitude is only interrupted by natural tunnels and rock fall - we only find one single catering stop on a stretch of 60 kilometers – hungry, we stop at a house constructed of natural stone to enjoy the usual lunch consisting of bocadillos and a café con leche. We got the impression that the entire population of this village, consisting of maybe five houses, had gathered in the tavern to marvel at our motorcycles. The straight roads of the high pla- teau take us through pine forests, a complete opposite to the coastal region, and the final kilometers to Güejar Sierra are a doddle. Here we pitched our tent for a few days to discover the Sierra Nevada and, of course, visit the Alhambra de Granada. We feel as being in the midst of a tale of a thousand and one nights as we enter this last bastion of the Moorish caliph. We enjoy the view over the historic Albayzin, the old city center of Granada. Built in the Middle Ages, the craftsmanship of the intricate woodwork and masonry of this fortress is most im- pressive. Gardens with palms and small waterfalls alternate between the completely intact buildings of this massive fort. We could have spent all day in the pleasantly cool Arrayanes Courtyard of the Nasrid Palace where the impressive walls of this Arab oasis are reflected in the water. We feel as if we have been taken back to long forgotten times, one expects the caliph and his entourage to come round the next corner at any moment. The next day's leg is a complete contrast: autumn has arrived in Andalusia. The twisting route on Europe's highest road to the Pico

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