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052 BMWK 1200 S bracket adapter (long version) This bracket adapter is clamped directly to the fork brace. You can still see the instruments and press the ignition switch. But because of its length the opportunity to use a tank bag is limited. This version is available in black, plastic coated steel. 040-0672 Adjustable Levers, BMW K1200R/S, K1300R/S The lever allows for selection from any of 6 positions to perfectly adjust it for any hand size. The adjust- ment lever has a protruding knob that fits particularly well in the hand, thus facilitating adjustment even while riding. The lever mechanism is carried on high- ly durable brass bushes. A generous recess at the end of the lever serves as a predetermined breaking point, and ensures that the lever can still be used even after a fall. 610-0400 brake 610-0405 short (-24 mm) 610-0401 clutch 610-0406 short (-24 mm) Fork Brace Mounting Adapter BMW K 1300 R/S The customised mounting for navigation systems. Our fork brace mounting adapter enables the navigation system to be perfectly positioned in the rider’s field of vision on the K 1300 S/R. The adap- ter is designed for use with our device-specific GPS mounting brackets. 611-1082 Mirror Extension, BMW K 1300 / 1200 S For an unobstructed rear view. This mirror extension gives you a much better rear view. The mirror extension mounts unobtrusively below the mirror bracket. Approved for vehicle use. 611-1002

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