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BMW F800|F700|650GS 501 Long-Distance Footpegs Our long-distance footpegs are made of top quality stainless steel. Thanks to the large free areas, dirt simply falls through them, and the laser-cut edges provide maximum grip and support. The folddown function of the original pegs has been retained. Long-Distance, Relocated Front Footpegs The footpegs are fitting further forward thus providing optimum distance between the touring boots and the brake lever or gear lever. 041-0625 Long 044-5316 low Long-Distance, Relocated Rear Footpegs The long-distance footpegs are fitted further back thus providing optimum space for enduro boots. 041-0626 Carbon Shield Pillion Peg BMW F800GS/ADV/F700GS/F650GS (Twin) Not everyone likes the simple steel bar on the back left footpeg. However, as it is extremely important as heel protection, we have developed a shield in high quality carbon. Not only does it look extremely elegant, but it also increases the protective aspect of the bar. To fit, the hard-wearing and very light shield is simply screwed directly to the heel protection. Elegant looks and maximum protection! 048-0360 Studded Pillion Passenger Footpegs F800GS/ADV/ F700GS/F650GS ( Twin) For anyone who rides with a pillion passenger through difficult terrain. With the studded rear footpegs the pillion passenger has a firm grip, too, and does not risk falling off the bike when the going gets difficult. The wider foot base also allows longer distances to be covered comfortably while standing on the footpegs. A special mechanism keeps them folded up when they are not required. Material: high-quality stainless steel. 048-0250 Cover ABS Sensor BMW F800GS/ADV/F700GS/F650GS (Twin) This small but extremely effective cover is available to protect the ABS sensor against damage. Made of high quality stainless steel. 048-0142

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