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BMW F800|F700|650GS 497 Hard Part Radiator The radiator of the F800GS is only screwed to the frame at one point; all other attachments consist of slot-in rubber bearings. A fall or extreme loads when riding off-road can cause the plastic loop to tear off - which usually spells the end of the ride! This strong Hard Part, made of 3 mm stainless steel, is a replacement for this angle bracket, and provides additional support for the radiator on the filler neck. This means the radiator is securely attached, and is effectively protected against sliding out of the rubber bearings. The original screws can be reused. 048-0465 F 800 GS (-2012) & Adventure 048-5310 F 800 GS (2013 -) 048-0466 F 650/700 GS (Twin) Hard Part for BMW Engine Guard, F800GS/ADV/F700GS The Hard Part for the original BMW engine guard consists of hard wearing rubber mats and an air permeable, heat resistant fleece. The fleece has already proved extremely successful with the Touratech Racing Team. It effectively prevents the spaces between the engine guard and the engine from blocking and stones from collecting and settling there. The fleece can be cut or trimmed as required, and is secured neatly and unobtrusively with cable ties. The rubber mats are glued directly to the guard, thereby preventing stones from settling between the oil reservoir and engine guard. The BMW engine guard Hard Part prevents stuck stones from penetrating the oil reservoir and tearing off the rubber bearings on the engine guard in the event of bottoming out and impacts. 048-0460

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