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494 Stainless steel crash bar engine & crash bar extension for BMW F800 & ADV/700GS, 2013 onwards This crash bar extension from Touratech makes expensive fairing damage a thing of the past. In particular, the extension protects the upper part of the fairing while also preventing damage to the radiator and forks. The Touratech crash bar extension is made from strong stainless steel tubing with an electropolished sur- face finish. So if the extension is put to the test in a crash or fall, you don‘t need to worry about scratches turning into unsightly rust patches. Thanks to its robust design, the crash bar extension is also ideal when you need to grab hold of the bike - to pull it out of mud, for example. While striking in appearance, the Touratech crash bar extension fits in well with the overall look of the F800GS. In form and functionality, this extension ideally complements the BMW engine guard. Fitting the two bars onto the Touratech engine guard (048-5155) or the original BMW engine guard is simple and straightforward. Crash Bar Extension BMW F800GS/F650GS Two additional bars are easily and simply screwed to the roll bar for the engine (048-0300). This measure significantly extends its protective function. Now the fairing and radiator of the F800GS/F650GS (Twin) in particular are well protected. Putting an end to expensive repairs or even breakdowns caused by radiator problems. 048-0302 Engine Guard Extension The engine guard extension on the F800GS/ F650GS (Twin) also protects your machine against stones and coarse dirt. It closes the gap between the rear wheel and engine guard, and thus increases their efficiency considerably. We deliberately dispensed with recesses to prevent the risk of the motorbike becoming stuck on stones or branches. Fitting it to the main stand using three collars with rubber seals is extremely effective at preventing the guard from rattling. 048-0180 F650GS (Twin) 048-0182 F800GS crash bar extension 048-5161 BMW F700/800GS stainless steel 048-5160 BMW F700/800GS stainless steel - black 048-5163 BMW F800GS Adventure stainless steel crash bar engine 048-5155 all models stainless steel 048-5156 all models stainless steel - black

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