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488 <01-044-0870-0> 01-044-0875-0 GS-911 - The emergency Diagnostic Tool for BMW Motorcycles The GS-911 is a unique combination of hardware and software that lets BMW motorbike owners read and also clear the bike’s fault memory on the road without a trip to a specialist workshop. This easy-to- use device can be read via Bluetooth on a Symbian or Windows mobile phone, or via USB cable or Bluetooth on a PC/laptop/netbook. The software is available for download after registering on the manufacturer’s website The GS-911 provides the following features: Emergency functions (mobile and PC) / Read ECU information (control unit hardware and software version, date of manufacture and other manufacturer information) / Read the fault memory (fault and error codes) and clear the fault memory / Read and store real-time data / Service and maintenance functions (only with the PC software): Test function, e.g. testing the lambda sensor / Set the service interval (motorbike display, e.g. F800GS, shows when the next service is due). The extent of this function depends on the motorcycle. The versatile testing capabilities are constantly being added to. A comprehensive list of the BMW motorcycles that the tester can be used on is available in the Touratech web shop. The only difference between the Enthusiast and Professional versions is that with the Enthusiast, the service- & maintenance functions are limited to a maximum of 10 motorbikes, i.e. 10 different VINs (vehicle identification numbers) can be permanently assigned. The Professional version allows the service & maintenance functions to be used on an unlimited number of motorcycles. Both versions allow the emergency functionality to be used on an unlimited number of bikes. 030-0090 GS-911 Bluetooth Enthusiast Version 030-0095 GS-911 Bluetooth Professional Version Unifilter for BMW F800GS/F700GS/F650GS (Twin) High Performance for Clear Airways We found the solution to all dust problems in Australia. Unifilter Australia gave us an air filter to test that fully met our expectations. The Touratech Research & Development team has used the Unifil- ter in all races since 2006 and since then has found no dust residue in the air filter box. Another advantage of the filter, made of high-tech foam, is the long service life. The filter is not thrown away when its dirty but rinsed out, lubricated again and used time and time again. Thus you don‘t just take care of your engine but also your wallet. 044-0870 (BMW F800GS/ADV/700/650GS (Twin) 044-0875 (BMW F700GS)

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