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BMW F800|F700|650GS 487 P ART P ART TOU RATECH TOU RATECH NEW Multitool Front Fork Adjustment BMW F800GS/F650GS Like to have the right tools with you at all times? Not a problem with the Touratech Multitool! Not only can you adjust the front fork at any time using the Multitool, but in an emergency it will also loosen and tighten practically every screw connection, inclu- ding the mirror, on the F800GS/F650GS (Twin). The secret: it “disappears” inside the bracket of the original fork key! 048-0221 BMW F800GS/ ADV Neopren Fork Protector The new Neopren Fork Protectors effectively protect the stanchions of the USD fork from mud, dirt and stones. The fork sealing rings are also protected and thus have a longer service life. 044-2100 BMW F800GS/ ADV Neopren Fork Protector with Velcro Strap Neither fork disassembly nor tools are necessary for installation. The Fork Pro- tectors are simply wound around the stanchions and the Velcro strap closed. The ends are then attached by cable ties to the sliding tube. 048-5625 SKF fork seal + dust cover WP43/WP45M suitable for BMW F 800 GS / Adventure 2008-2012 and from 2013 Shaft seal and dust cover by SKF: - less friction (approx. 20%) compared to conven- tional sealing rings - self-lubricating material - less stick-slip - (stick-slip = breakaway torque caused by static friction) - considerably improved sealing - less air intake into fork - less dirt intake into fork - thus less wear of sliding bush and oil - thus maintains optimal glide properties of the fork - increases long-term tightness - excellent water, dirt and air tightness. UV-resistant 058-0220 (WP43 for F800GS /ADV, 13>) 058-0221 (WP45M for F800GS 08-12)

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