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478 Anti-Glare Shield BMW F800GS ADV /F700GS/F650GS (Twin) The new anti-glare shield really enhances your BMW F800GS/F650GS (Twin) look. It reduces scattered light, especially when fitted together with headlight covers and thus protects you from being dazzled by the lights too. The Touratech anti-glare shield has an extremely positive effect on the appearance of BMW‘s original headlight. It ma- kes the whole headlight look more appealing. 048-0425 LED Indicators for BMW F800GS ADV / F700GS/F650GS (Twin) The matching LED indicators are now available to go with the LED rear light on your BMW F800GS/ F650GS. They are notable for being exceptionally long-lasting. They won‘t „burn-out“ like ordinary bulbs do! They are not sensitive to vibrations, weigh very little - and are visually a complete delight! The set consists of all 4 flashers plus the attach- ment materials. Carries the EU test mark, so there‘s no need to have your records changed. 048-0295 Adjustment bracket adapter kit for original BMW LED auxiliary headlights for BMW F 800 GS (2013 onwards) and F 800 GS-ADV This Touratech adjustment bracket adapter kit for the F 800 GS lets you swivel the original BMW LED auxiliary headlights horizontally by an additional 4°. Plus they are fitted 20 mm lower with the bracket, which is made from 3 mm thick stainless steel. These minor adjustments give you more individual illumination of the road to keep you safer! 048-5481

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