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472 048-5110 048-0408 048-0240 048-5030048-5031 Handlebar Height Increase 20 mm BMW F800GS/ADV/F700GS/F650GS (Twin) Those who like to go off-road and do so frequently, will find the 20 mm handlebar height increase indispensable. It makes it much easier to ride while standing. It also facilitates a pleasanter, more relaxed position while sitting. Significantly increases touring comfort. It takes just moments to fit the handlebar height increase. Delivery includes screws and TÜV certificate. 048-0150 Guard for Brake Fluid Container Handlebars Passers-by simply love playing with the cap on the brake fluid container. Over time, this will impair the action of the cap safety mechanism. The guard will prevent this, and protect the whole container. Easily and quickly fitted. BMW F800GS (bis 2012)/F650GS (Twin) 048-0408 plastic guard 048-0240 aluminium guard BMW F800GS (ab 2013) & ADV / F700GS 048-5110 aluminium guard Rear brake fluid reservoir guard Stainless Steel On the BMW the brake fluid reservoir is all too easily accessible, putting it at risk of damage or tampering. Made from laser-cut stainless steel, Touratech’s brake fluid reservoir guard effectively prevents damage and undesired access to the re- servoir lid, yet you can still easily see the fluid level. The guard simply bolts onto the existing mounting point. BMW F800GS to 2012/F650GS(Twin) 048-5031 BMW F800GS from 2013 & ADV / F700GS 048-5030

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