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444 Oil Pan Intermediate Ring BMW R 100 GS The oil content of the motor is increased which results in a lower oil temperature. The oil level is also lowered which reduces oil loss during filling and overall oil consumption. It comes with a rugged sump plate for off-road use. This plate is extremely robust and withstands the most demanding conditions. Delivery range: Oil pan intermediate ring, bottom sheet, gaskets, sealing material, screws, fitting instructions. The oil pan intermediate ring has an M 12 x 1,5 thread for connecting the temperature sensor. 040-0953 Progressive Fork Springs from BMW R 100 GS (1988 and newer) - Progressive and harder than the original springs - No bottoming - Better action - Better suspension action off-road - Easy to fit - With homologation ABE 040-7414 only Paris Dakar 040-7413 also for R 80 GS Basic Progressive fork springs for BMW R80G/S 040-7426 *80-88* Progressive fork springs for BMW R80G/S Dakar 040-7427 *80-88* Progressive fork springs for BMW R80G/S 040-7428 *88-97* Progressive fork springs for BMW R80GS Paris Dakar 040-7429 *88-97* Progressive fork springs These progressive fork springs are perfectly matched to the fork on the BMW R80G/S. They make the fork better suited to the demands of motorcycle touring. You will also experience a significantly impro- ved response and greater reserves in extreme situations. The fork springs are made in Europe by Dutch suspension specialists Hyperpro. Delivery includes detailed installation instructions, the correct fork oil and a special paste that improves the suspension action.

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