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BMW R100/80GS 443 Oil Cooler Bypass Hose The oil cooler of the BMW R 100 GS is located in such a way that it damages easily during a fall. Even if relocated, it may be damaged. Either the hose bursts or is squeezed (often by the crashbars) during a fall. Or the oil cooler starts to leak. Most of the time, spares are difficult to obtain. What you need is the oil cooler bypass hose which replaces the original hose. Your motorbike will be fully functional again. 040-0257 Oil Cooler Relocation Kit - Better protection of oil cooler - Looks great - A must when fitting large fuel tanks (43 l plastic tank) - Brackets included - Lines included - Wiring kit for horn included 040-0255 Seat Pad for Unexpected Pillions We all know the problem: The motorbike has been stripped, a single seat has been fitted together with a luggage rack. We want a light-weight, stylish bike. Somewhere in the Ligurian Alps on an off-road gravel track, there is a frustrated motorcyclist waving at you. „The chain has broken! Can you give me a ride?“ - „I‘ve had an accident. Can you give me a ride to the campsite?“ But where does your pillion sit? We have the solution. Now there is a comfortable seat available which mounts to your bike quickly! It is 7cm high and measures 26 x 26 cm. It fits under the luggage rack and is only mounted when needed. Wide Velcro straps are used to secure the pad to the luggage rack. High-quality foam and a plastic base plate guarantee the best riding comfort. Spare seat pad BMW R 100 GS PD 055-0080 Spare seat pad BMW R 100 GS TT single seat 055-0081 For further versions please visit

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