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440 P ART P ART TOU RATECH TOU RATECH NEW Kaoko Cruise Control, mechanical cruise control, BMW R80/100GS The original by the South African inventor! The cruise control replaces the original handlebar end weights. The anti-slip knurled screw secures the accelerator in position. This significantly reduces the strain on the right hand during long journeys. Thanks to the continuous adjustment, the accelerator can also be fixed to decelerate very gently - leaving you enough time to take your hand off the handlebar for a moment without immediately losing throttle. Despite that, the motorbike decelerates in a gentle and controlled way. This item is illegal in road traffic in Germany and could be dangerous if used incorrectly.We are unable to accept any responsibility for it. Used at the owner’s/rider’s own risk. 330-0048 330-0049 (16 mm Lenkerdurchmesser) Handlebar Risers BMW R 100 GS - For an upright and relaxed riding position - Less strain on shoulders and wrists - For sport bikes: Better standing, less exhaustive riding - Better handling - Black plastic coating 040-0260 Windscreen Spoiler BMW R 80/100 GS *Fits original windscreen only* The windscreen spoiler for the R 100 GS provides optimum wind deflection at high speeds. It detaches easily so that you don‘t risk hurting yourself when riding off-road. The angle of the spoiler is adjustable. A strap secures it in place. The spoiler screen is made from macrolon; the mounting mechanism is manufactured from CNC machined aluminium. 040-1330 Speedometer Drive Plug BMW R 100 GS - To close the speedometer drive output when using an electronic speedometer. - Vents via original screw 040-0250

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