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437 Panamerica Alaska, of course, has its own attractions. Not only plenty of glaciers, mountains, tundra and gravel tracks, but also an exciting wildlife. Of course, people usually just think of grizzly bears. But we only saw the tracks of their paws. And maybe better so. However, elks are supposed to be responsible for most of the attacks on humans. Different from horses, they attack with their front legs to defend their young. And Alaskans tell many a hard tale.We heard that even bashed in grizzly skulls have been found. Other stories speak of rifles not providing 100% safety against grizzlies, as the bullets often will not penet- rate the skull. And there are many cases where a wounded grizzly still managed to run for miles. But whether a kick by an elk has more power than a 9mm rifle bullet, is something I cannot say. In Fairbanks, the last real habitation before driving the infamous Dalton Highway to Deadhorse, it can well happen that five of you share an evening meal in a hostel only to discover that all of you, without exception, are en route from Alaska to Argentina. All with two wheels, but everyone different. I am sure we will meet up with some of them again. I look forward to what awaits us and to those we will still get to know. A beginning has been made, or „driven“.

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