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432 Panamerica via an e-mail from aTouratech blog reader who put us into touch with an uphols- terer in Cleveland. We had no experience in upholstery whatsoever, but we‘ll try virtually anything. After having cut a documentary for one month in Los Angeles on the 25th anniversary of the Fall of theWall with David Hasselhoff, things finally moved north. The scenic diversity and the National Parks, especially in the west of the USA, are of course, spectacular.They are hard to describe adequately. If you dropped a truck load of cameras by helicopter over Colorado, Utah, Arizona and California, and then had armadillos and squirrels for example, trigger the cameras, I am convinced you would get a host of Pulitzer Prize photos. You can say what you will about the Americans: „They have no idea what is happening in the rest of the world, most have not even got a passport.“ – but they are extremely hospitable. In my experience they top the world league in this category, ironically, together with the Iranians. It is hardly possible to stop anywhere and study your map to find out where best to erect your tent, without being approached by someone and being invited to their house. In the first two months we only had to pay three times for accommodation. And anyway, it takes Americans until well into their mid-life crisis to see all the moun- tains, deserts, beaches, islands, canyons and salt deserts in the USA, before they would need a passport to see anything else. Shortly before leaving Canada to travel to Alaska we picked some berries which were to be processed to wine.This was a job resulting from an encounter (Laos 2010) from the first part of my travels.The world is a small

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