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430 First we had a warm-up lap of 15,000 km... until we finally reached our true starting point: „Deadhorse, Alaska“.The main reason being, that our route was dictated by job offers.Yep, this second part of the RTW trip again sails under the motto: 2-wheels, 1-world, 0-money.We work en rou- te, (A) to finance the trip and (B), to delve deeper into foreign cultures. A lot would have been easier if I had not decided to empty my piggy bank and purchase a new motorcycle shortly before departure. But where would the challenge have been otherwise? After nearly 3 months „on the road“, we reached to nort- hernmost driveable point in Alaska, nearly 600 km north of the Polar Circle. Until then rode zig-zag through northern America. The first opportunity we were given to earn some money came

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