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424 That BMW has sold more than 100000 R1100GS and R1150GS is a success story difficult to match. No other motorcycle design has inspired so many motorcyclists to travel the world. No other design is at the same time so unique and so versatile. However the good old GS is not getting any younger, and with so many R11GS on the road, many owners are looking for a distinctive new look, and also for something lighter and slimmer. TOURATECH has been working on this. The result is the new TB1100 / TB1150 ReVamp, a GS renewed while retaining all of its original strengths. TOURATECH has combined the excellent engine and chassis of the R1100GS and R1150GS with a fresh and modern design. Now every 4-valve GS owner has the opportunity to transform his or her GS into a dynamic riding machine of the new generation. With our kit, both the R1100 GS, R1150 GS and the ADVENTURE can be transformed quickly and eco- nomically into an authentic ReVamp. Naumann Design created the design; a new, narrower tank, together with new fairings, adding a stylish one-piece saddle and a windscreen with optimum aerodynamics for the comfort of the rider. ReVamp assembly time is estimated to be 6.5 hours by an experienced technician (except painting). It was designed to be accomplished without drilling even one hole. Restoring your GS to original likewise requires only 6,5 hours. Conversion of Adventure requires seat mounting parts (from the standard GS) which are listed in the instructions. Detailed English instructions can be downloaded from the website. The kit is comprised of: - 21 Liter tank - dual headlight unit with XENON high-beam and DE projector low-beam - forward support frame for the oil cooler, headlight unit, windscreen, and instrument cluster - new upper forward fender - side fairings for the tank, allowing many options for painting - seat, standard (87.5 cm is included with options of 82, 85, or 90 cm) - new tail-light unit and 4 new micro-indicators - TOURATECH IMO-100R electronic speedometer / tachometer - aerodynamically designed windscreen providing excellent protection - all associated hardware, detailed assembly instructions The price of this unique transformation kit for the 4-valve GS is ~2,999 € (unpainted, price for European costumers, incl. tax). The kit can naturally be complemented with other equipment of your choice to suit your own use of the bike. Suggestions: TOURATECH luggage racks (for aluminium panniers) remain perfectly compatible with the ReVamp kit. Adding Öhlins shock absorbers, Magura handlebar, oil-radiator guard and Continental TKC 80 tyres, it becomes a great off-road machine. A special tankbag which allows refueling without removal and a narrow rear luggage rack in line with the ReVamp ‚s design will soon be available. However equipped, however you use it, there is one thing we can assure you of: the ReVamp will give your old familiar GS a new feel, and the utmost riding pleasure!

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