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408 Oil cooler guard R 850 GS/R 1100 GS/R 1150 GS/ Adventure - Rugged aluminium guards protect the delicate oil cooler on the BMW R 1100 GS/R 850 GS or BMW R1150 GS - 1.5 mm anodised aluminum - Easy fitting, no bike modifications needed 040-0288 R 1150 GS/Adventure 040-0279 R 850 GS/R 1100 GS 040-0277 R 1150 GS/Adventure black 040-0278 R 850 GS/R 1100 GS black Locking Oil Filler Cap for all new BMW boxer engines (R259 and R21) Stolen oil filler caps are a thing of the past. No special tool required: easy to operate using a small unobtrusive key. Fits all 4V boxer engines including dual plug. - High-quality workmanship - High-quality brand lock - Can be keyed to match our integral pannier locks 040-0292 Hard Parts GV R 1100 GS The BMW R1100 GS has several weak points which prevent enduro riders from riding the bike under extreme off- road conditions. Here is the solution. Problems occur when the workload on the rear frame is too high, i.e. After a jump or when riding with heavy luggage. The rear frame mount on the gear- box casing simply cracks. Another weak point is the footpeg mount. Under extreme stress it may break the gearbox casing; i.e. when dropping the motorbike onto the footpegs or after a fall. When mounting our parts - we refer to these as hard parts - frame problems will belong to the past: - Material: 4 mm steel (ST 52) - Laser- cut - Galvanised - Plastic- coated (yellow) - Mounting hardware provided - Double coating for the SilverLine And enduro enthusiasts will enjoy riding the BMW R 1100 GS again... 040-1301 yellow 040-1311 silver

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