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406 Carbon brake cylinder guard for R 1150 GS / Adventure Finest design combining functionality and protection. Protects the brake cylinder, rubber sleeve and brake line connections perfectly from damage caused by the boots. Especially when riding upright or wearing cross boots, the carbon brake cylinder guard is an important accessory. 040-1011 Small engine guard As requested, we have designed a smaller and less bulky engine guard. Although it features smaller front and side parts, it still provides reliable protec- tion for the oil sump. When fitted to stripped motor- cycles (e.g. ReVamp) without engine guard bar it enhances the more delicate look. Used if there is no engine guard bar. small engine guard 040-1276 R 850/1100 GS Sump guard R 1150 GS/R 1100 GS/R 850 GS Our sump guard protects the centre stand and the front silencer against damage from stones or other objects protruding from the ground when riding off road. As the sump guard plate is bent upwards, it prevents sand and dirt from penetrating the space between the engine and the gearbox, so it protects the crankshaft seal from dirt and increases its life considerably. Our sump guard mounts to the centre stand with four clamps. The rubber elements on the clamps provide vibration isolation. The plate is CNC machined from 4 mm aluminum. The engine guard extension was deliberately manufactured without holes or cut outs to maintain the motorcycle‘s „slip“ on rocky tracks when riding off-road. 040-1251 R850/1100GS (Aluminium) 040-1252 R1150GS (Aluminium) 040-1255 Adventure (Aluminium)

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