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403 Illustration similar BMW Typ: Level 1 Level2 R1100 GS (rear) 040-5860 040-5880 R1100 GS (front) 040-5875 R1150 GS (rear) 040-5862 040-5882 R1150 GS (front) 040-5877 R1150GS Adv. (rear) 041-5860 041-5862 R1150GS Adv. (front) 041-5875 Touratech Suspension R 1150/1100 GS & Adventure: Many Advantages to Other High-End Brands Touratech Suspension has been designed by Tractive Suspension. Tractive has specific, profound exper-tise of the Toura- tech type of motorbike models. As an example, the people at Tractive designed most of the shocks used by BMW Motorrad since the last 10 years. They therefore understand the specific user and reliability requirements as no one else does. The shocks were developed for traction, comfort, dynamic safety, reliability and light weight. Every shock has been test driven with Touratech customers in mind. The shocks have been succesfully tested on durability 4 times stricter than the original BMW standards. Last but not least every shock design has been tested by theTouratech experts in Enduro use during the 2011 season. Detailed information on Touratech suspension and available variants can be found starting on page 1306 ! R1100 GS (rear) 040-5860040-5880 R1150 GS (rear) 040-5862040-5882 R1150GS Adv. (rear) 041-5860041-5862

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