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398 m a d e b y 41 Litre Tank Our tried and true 41 Liter fuel tank for the R 850/ 1100/1150 GS. Elkamet has manufactured our tank since 2000 and it is perhaps the toughest tank on the market. It is made of polyamide nylon, a material developed for it‘s impact resilience, commonly used for modern automotive bumpers. Capacity is 41L but with the original amount of 22L of fuel it adds only 5kg to the motorcycle, but the fuel rides LOWER on the motorcycle, increasing stability most of the time, and you don‘t have to keep it full. But full, you can ride 700 kms (400mi) or more! This true long distance / touring tank gives you OPTIONS on the road. You can choose your destination with little regard to availability of fuel. It is supplied unpainted, and it fits the original mounting. The package includes all mounting hardware. The original BMW filler cap and pump assembly are used. The RID and fuel warning lamp work with the large tank. A German TÜV Type Approval is included. 100-0010 Tank guard R 1150 GS Adventure When the R1150GS Adventure is used as it was designed, minor bumps or falls can leave unsightly scrapes on the extended lobes of the steel tank. Textured black plastic protectors withstand moderate hits, preventing scratches and minor dents. The protection is contoured perfectly to the tank and compliments the Adventure look. Color: black 040-1318 Single seat R 850 / 1100 / 1150 GS This seat also features a full bucket shape seat plat- form for comfortable long distance riding. For the original tank and 41 litres tank. 055-0090

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