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396 M.Hirt/Alps Flash Back LC Sophisticated upgrade for your BMW indicator system. With the Flash Back LC you will no longer have to press the indicator reset button. Simply keep the (left or right) indicator button pressed when getting round turns (more than 0.5 seconds). When releasing the button, the indicator is reset automatically. This is parti- cularly helpful when riding on the motorway or getting around roundabouts. By pressing the indicator button once shortly, the indicator will go on as usual and can be decativated with the reset button. In addition to the above func- tion, you can deactivate the indicator by pressing the relevant indicator button twice shortly. A huge gain in comfort! No expensive installation, no electrical knowledge necessary. The small unit, fitted with a processor and other components, is simply placed between the indicator unit relay connectors. Not suitable for motorcycles with CAN-bus! 011-2002 Mini indicators Very small dimensions Bulbs provided Flexible stalk. Also fit the following models: BMW R 1150 GS/Adventure BMW R 1100 GS and BMW R 850 GS 040-0207 FR or RL 040-0208 FL or RR FR= front right RR= rear right FL= front left RL= rear left

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