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392 Folding brake lever + clutch lever set, R11XXGS Our brake and clutch levers are made from high- strength aluminium and have multiple adjustment settings. This enables the grip width to be set individually. Having the lever in the right position for your hand size and the way you ride means fatigue-free riding even on long journeys and challenging roads. The additional folding function together with the defined, predetermined breaking point ensures maximum safety and allows you to continue riding even after a fall. 040-5645 black 040-5646 silver Kaoko Cruise Control, mechanical cruise control, BMW 850GS/ R 1100 GS / R1150 GS / ADV The original by the South African inventor! The cruise control replaces the original handlebar end weights. The anti-slip knurled screw secures the accelerator in position. This significantly reduces the strain on the right hand during long journeys. Thanks to the continuous adjustment, the accelerator can also be fixed to decelerate very gently - leaving you enough time to take your hand off the handlebar for a moment without immediately losing throttle. Despite that, the motorbike decelerates in a gentle and controlled way. This item is illegal in road traffic in Germany and could be dangerous if used incorrectly.We are unable to accept any responsibility for it. Used at the owner’s/rider’s own risk. 330-0001 Side panel set for BMW R 850/1100/1150 GS When BMW presented the new R1100GS to the pu- blic in 1993, we were convinced that the side panels had not been available yet. But since then nothing has happened and the motorcycle continues to be delivered without side panels. What you see instead is an ugly brake fluid reservoir and a mass of wires. Our new side panels solve the problem. Makes the color scheme of the bike complete by using BMW-specific original colors to match the rest of the bike. Easy to mount by simply removing the seat and snapping into place. Side panels (set) R 850/1100/1150 GS 040-2481 black Side panels (set) R 850/1100/1150 GS 040-2483 white Side panels (set) R 850/1100/1150 GS 040-2484 red

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